5 Undercut Haircut Designs as Style Ideas for Women

Get your undercut inspiration with these 5 haircut designs!

The undercut for women is, what I call, a “power haircut”. The undercut goes against the conventional notion of women having to have long hair just because they’re “women”. The undercut allows a woman to keep a part of her head buzzed while giving the middle finger discretely or explicitly to conventional notions and bio-social rules! Whether you you choose to sport as a woman a long hair undercut or a short side part undercut is up to you, but one thing is certain, the undercut will look great on you whatever style you choose to wear with it!

So as to keep giving you ladies more undercut hairstyle ideas, I’ve chosen five undercut haircut designs straight from the hair salon that will give you ladies (and even guys!) some radical inspiration to decorate your undercut. Haircut designs have been a predominantly male type of haircut, but, since you’re buzzing the sides and/or back of your head, you might as well and go ahead and razor shave some neat or cool designs on your undercut. Right? 🙂

Undercut with razor shaved lines

Let’s start with a simple haircut design for the undercut. You simply use a t-outliner trimmer to draw the shaved lines on the side of your head. It’s a similar type of haircut to the undercut hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

A beautiful latina woman with an undercut hairstyle and a razor-shaved haircut design on the side of her head

Low undercut haircut with parallel razor shaved lines

The low undercut haircut has been a trending 2015 haircut that I see it growing in popularity all throughout 2016 and beyond. The low undercut first started with men in 2014 but women have started to adopt the low undercut in 2015, with the location of the low haircut being primarily above the nape.

We’re getting more and more hair salon customers every day asking for a low undercut, which that to me is a hint that a particular cut or style is becoming trendier.

A selfie picture in a hair salon of a woman with an undercut hairstyle and a low buzzcut haircut with shaved lines

Low undercut with M-shaped designs

If you want to sport a more-sophisticated undercut, then instead getting some simple parallel shaved lines, go for M-shaped razor shaved lines. However (and I really mean it!), be careful with whom cuts and shaves those lines as you need to be very skilled to get the lines perfectly symmetric and equally regular.

Do also notice that we have the M-shaped lines faded to skin (as the lines progress down through the neck), which adds another layer of complexity to this low undercut design. Not to mention that the hairstyle was cut into a bobcut which isn’t the easiest hairstyle to cut!

A photograph of a black woman with an undercut haircut with lines for her bobcut hairstyle

Bowl cut undercut with a flower shaved design

Now this one was a very pretty low undercut design. The undercut is higher than in the other styles above, yet it still remains localized at the lower head only.

The flower-shaved haircut design was in fact the same that she wanted to get as a tattoo. However, she first wanted to experiment with how it looked on her hair as, after all, if it looked ugly, it could easily be shaved off. Instead, if you get that same design drawn on your skin as a tattoo and you don’t like it, then you better get ready to spend some good money (as well as experience real pain) getting the tattoo removed!

A hair salon picture of a pretty white woman with an undercut hairstyle and a haircut design made with shaved lines illustrating a flower

Undercut design in razor shaved heart shape

In this low undercut, the hair was first shaped as a heart by removing the hair on the sides of her lower head. This isn’t an easy haircut but it isn’t particularly difficult either. Then, the t-outliner haircut drawing came ad it was done in a zic-zag manner as preferred by her.

This specific heart-shaped undercut has a story: she broke up with her boyfriend two days earlier and her boyfriend loved long hair and hated short hair. So she came along, cut at least half of all her hair and then asked for a “scratched” heart to be drawn on her lower head in an undercut design. Apparently her ex-boyfriend saw her picture on Facebook three days later and he was calling her like crazy telling her how beautiful she looked and how he wanted to go back together with her!

A picture of a young attractive woman with an undercut hairstyle designed with a heart-shaped haircut

The undercut hairstyle as the foundation of your creativity

Girls (and boys), as you can see, the undercut is a great foundation for you to express your abstract drawing creativity. The great thing about “drawing” on your hair or getting haircut designs is that the shaved hair grows back after three to four weeks, so the look is only temporary. That means that you can keep changing your undercut haircut designs indefinitely or that you can out-grow your scratched heart haircut design because you found a new love! 🙂

What do you all think of these undercut haircut design ideas?

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