About the Site

Welcome to UndercutHairstyle.net, the internet’s site for all on the undercut hairstyle, whether you’re a man or a woman.

This website is written by myself; I’m a 34-year-old Chicago resident and barber. I co-own a barbershop in downtown Chicago with my fellow barber friend Mike. While Mike isn’t so much of a writer and isn’t into blogging, he’s an awesome barber and you will get to see some of his works in this forum and also get to read some of his words as I convince him to share his undercut knowledge with y’all! As for me, I’ve always wanted to create a barbershop style website, and considering that our barbershop is well know for the variety of undercut hairstyles that we offer for both men and women, I thought that having a dedicated website for the undercut hairstyle would be something that people would appreciate and find of use.

Stick around and feel free to say hi or ask questions in the comments; all articles have comments enabled so that you can ask any questions at any time. You can also go through our privacy policy to better understand how we strive to keep improving UndercutHairstyle.net!

Signing off from windy Chitown!

Jay & Mike

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