Alecia Beth Moore Hairstyles and Undercut Haircut Pictures

Alecia Beth Moore’s hair styles with her famous undercut haircut!

Lately in our hair salon I’ve been hearing how Miley Cyrus haircut is so trendy and chic, but what many people aren’t aware of is that the same hairstyle of Miley Cyrus had been worn for years by singer Alecia Beth Moore, also known as Pink!

A picture of Alecia Beth Moore with a side part hairstyle and pink hairBorn on the 8th September 1979 in the United States, Alecia Beth Moore’s hairstyles have always included short hair. Alecia would usually bleach her hair and then dye it pink, and thus Alecia’s stage name of Pink (although her stage name is stylized as P!nk). She found commercial success in 2002 with the song “Like A Pill”, which saw Alecia Beth Moore’s hair with an undercut hairstyle and a side part hairstyle. By then, her hair had a pink dye hue over her bleached hair.

The album cover of Pink in 2002 with her undercut hairstyleSo, next time anyone tells you how Miley Cyrus hairstyle is the bomb and how she has been the first woman with an undercut, tell that person that the undercut hairstyle with a side part was worn over a decade earlier by Pink!

In any case, I’ll finish up this post by leaving you with some more pictures of Alecia Beth Moore hairstyles! What do you think of Pink’s hairstyles below?

An image of Alecia Beth Moore with her undercut hairstyle A photograph of the cool undercut haircut of Alecia Beth Moore Four pictures of the many hairstyles of Alecia Beth Moore with long hair A picture of the bleached hairstyle of Pink

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