Black Girl with Mohawk Haircut and Undercut Hairstyle!

Wearing a cool undercut Mohawk style like it’s 1975

Do you remember Tanya with her cool undercut hairstyle? Well, she also happened to send us in another email a former picture of her Mohawk undercut hairstyle!

The Mohawk undercut keeps the crest on the top of the head while the rest of the head is buzzed short. The crest is wider than the usual Mohawk, but it’s still narrow enough to be regarded as a Mohawk or wide Mohawk by regular people. In the Mohawk undercut, the hair is slicked back so that the hair at the crown hangs down and gives the illusion of a full Mohawk crest.

As you can see in Tanya’s picture below, the undercut Mohawk looks great if you buzz it right, just like she did. So, what do you think of the Mohawk undercut hairstyle? Is it too extreme in your eyes or is it, on the other hand, a chic and trendy style for women?

A gorgeous black woman with a mohawk undercut hairstyle and dyed straight hair

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