Black Woman with Undercut Haircut and Cool Hair Styles

Black lady rocks her cool undercut hairstyle!

One of our visitors has submitted two pictures of her cool undercut hairstyle. While the undercut is usually worn by white women, black women can too look spectacular with the undercut haircut. The common problem with black hair, however, is that it’s very curly so you cannot do flat hairstyles like the side swept style like you’d do with straight hair. Regardless, there are plenty of hair straightening products on the market such as flat irons and relaxers, so any lady with curly hair can simply be wearing her side swept undercut in hours!

Tanya (pictures below) has told us that she loves her undercut! She got an undercut some 8 months ago as she was tired of wearing shoulder length hair, and she wanted to try something more radical. While Tanya isn’t into Miley Cyrus’ music, she (Tanya) acknowledges that she was inspired to try the undercut after seeing Miley Cyrus haircut. Tanya has wavy hair so it’s easier for her to straighten and thus wear cool hairstyles for the undercut. In the pictures below, she is wearing a messy top as well as a slicked quiff. Proof that the undercut looks great on black women! 🙂

What do you think of Tanya’s undercut hairstyle?

A beautiful black woman with an undercut haircut A black woman with an undercut hairstyle and bangs posing for a picture

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