Black Woman with Undercut Twists Hairstyle Design

Blending an undercut haircut with a Marley twists hairstyle

The other day, I published an undercut haircut guide about undercut designs for women with all hair types. Indeed, the undercut is the perfect short haircut for women as it makes the hair on the top of your head stand out no matter what you do to it. Likewise, if you can get some razor shaved designs done on the undercut itself, then you will end up with a very unique and head-turning hairstyle!

Twists hairstyle with undercut designs

I’d like to post below a recent undercut haircut of a black lady who already had her mane in a twists hairstyle. In her case, her twists were Marley twists, which involve the braiding and twisting of hair into very thick locks of hair. It’s a beautiful hairstyle and especially for natural kinky curly hair. If you aren’t aware of how Marley twists look, here’s a before picture for you:

A picture of a black woman with beautiful Marley twists in a long hairstyle

Now, since Marley twists aren’t easy to do, getting some of the twisted locks chopped off and buzzed isn’t an easy decision to make. Well, Laura (the name of the lady in the picture below) decided that she’d take her chances and risk her twists for a newer and trendier hairstyle.

As many of you will know from reading our site, the undercut haircut for black women looks great and opens the doors to an even wider range of hairstyles. It’s no surprise that Laura knew that an undercut would look on her, and the first step for her haircut was to first cut her Marley twists from ear length and below, with only the hair on the lower part of the head being cut.

After her Marley twists were gone, it was time to buzz her hair into an undercut with a number-three hair clipper length. Once the undercut was finished, a t-outliner clipper was used to draw the haircut designs on her head. She had brought several sketches of the haircut drawings that she wanted and the lines were followed as per her haircut design idea.

A hair salon picture of a black woman with an undercut haircut for her Marley twists hairstyle

Overall and as you can see above, the undercut haircut designs for her twists hairstyle looked great. In her case, she was eager to get an undercut despite having long beautiful twisted hair that took years to grow. However, many other ladies will not be as forward or as “brave” as Laura, and, all we can say to them, is to ensure that you get a good hairdresser who knows how to buzz an undercut and who has experience with haircut designs. If you find such a hairdresser, then simply go ahead and enjoy the experience; it will be well worth it since you will be getting, after all, an undercut haircut!

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