Cool Side Fringe Hairstyle with Undercut for Women

Ladies, rock your side fringe with an undercut!

The side fringe undercut is a hairstyle that is similar to the side part undercut. With the side fringe, the goal is to have the hair on the forelock (i.e. front of the top of the head) caressing your forehead. Another name for such a fringe hairstyle would be bangs, although bangs can be much more than just a fringe.

So I wanted to post 2 pictures of the side fringe undercut. It’s a trendy type of haircut and style among women, but not so much among men! Other than getting your undercut on either the let or right side of your head, you must make sure that you have enough hair length to sport a side fringe. In terms of hair length, you’d need at least 3 inches of length, although I recommend a length between 4 to 6 inches for your fringe. Any length that is longer than 6 inches will just be too much of a hassle and inconvenience to style unless you use 3 bottles of hair spray!

In terms of hair products for the side fringe undercut, a good hairstyling cream or mousse will work fantastically for this undercut-inspired hairstyle. Avoid any oily products or products that glue your hair like hair gels or pomades, as these products will rub off onto your forehead as you go about your day with your fringe undercut. Certainly not the most chic way to wear a good undercut!

Do you girls like this ladies’ hairstyle?

A woman with glasses wearing a cool side fringe undercut style A punk girl wearing a trendy undercut with side part

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