Cristiano Ronaldo Undercut Hairstyle with Short Hair

Cristiano Ronaldo sets the undercut hairstyle trend in Europe

For many of us Americans, the name “Cristiano Ronaldo” may not ring a bell but if I were to ask you if you’ve ever seen a tall dapper guy with fake tan and sharp short haircuts hitting a ball in a game called “soccer”, you’d probably recognize our friend Ronaldo. H is, after all, the world’s best soccer player as of today and he is known for his massive range of men’s haircuts and hairstyles, including (how not!) the undercut hairstyle.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a cool undercut hairstyle and hipster glasses

Cristiano Ronaldo and his undercut style

For some reason, the undercut has never been a popular hairstyle among soccer players. While you will see soccer players with Mohawk haircuts, high and tight cuts and even pink hair, it’s rare to see a soccer player with an undercut. After all and as you will know by know, the undercut hairstyle is an American hairstyle trend that was started after the successful character of Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt) in Boardwalk Empire. Heck, we even have women with undercuts here in the United States, yet it seems like soccer fashionistas prefer wilder and more, how should we call them, exotic haircuts. But not Cristiano Ronaldo, not CR7 (his soccer nickname).

Cristiano Ronaldo with an undercut haircut and a short hairstyleKeeping up with his innate ability to identify male fashion trends, Cristiano Ronaldo got an undercut hairstyle in 2012, back when the undercut was beginning to launch itself into stardom. However, unlike our American peers who have preferred the slicked back undercut or man bun undercut from the get-go, Ronaldo got a short undercut haircut. In fact, he has been alternating ever since 2012 between undercuts and fast taper haircuts, and, right after Cristiano started the undercut style trend among soccer players, a good amount of them jumped into the trend too.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his cool short hair inside a planeThe particular hair style of Cristiano Ronaldo’s undercut was with short hair on the top while keeping the undercut clipped high (so high that it looks like a high and tight haircut to the untrained eye!). So as to customize his look even further, Ronaldo opted to highlight his hair and style it in messy spikes. Cristiano Ronaldo has curly hair, not straight hair, yet he is a big fan of flat irons and of keeping his curly locks permanently straightened.

A photograph of Cristiano Ronaldo with short blonde hair surrounded by his team players

All in all, we commend Cristiano Ronaldo for helping to spread the “undercut” word. He may use a little “too much” fake tan and he may like his bling bling a little bit “more” than the average dude, but he sure knows how to pick a good men’s hairstyle!

What do you guys think of the undercut hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo? Dig it or kill it?

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