Epic Slicked Back Undershave Hairstyle – New Trend

The next undercut hairstyle trend is the undershave!

As a barber, one of the things that I like to keep in touch with is with men’s hairstyle trends. We’ve seen how the undercut has been a clear winner over the last 5 years when it came to the most trendy men’s hairstyle: in 2011 to 2013 we saw the slicked back undercut, in 2014 to 2015 we saw the man bun undercut and, now, in 2015 to 2016 we’re noticing the undershave as the new undercut hairstyle trend. Even women are beginning to shave their undercuts, and that’s certainly a good hint at how popular this hair style is becoming.

What’s an undershave?

An undershave is the same as an undercut, only that instead of cutting the hair with a hair clipper (as per the regular undercut), the hair is shaved. Back in the 1990s the shaved head look with a mohawk became very popular in punk-music circles but it never took off as a popular men’s hair trend.

Being a shaved hairstyle, the undershave is, of course, an extreme haircut. There is no hair left on the sides and back of the head except for the stubble that grows in between undershaves. Considering that scalp hair grows as fast as facial hair, I recommend that you get an undershave every 3 to 5 days so as to not let the stubble get any longer as otherwise your undershave will look like the regular undercut with a number 1 hair clipper length). In case you’re wondering, scalp hair and facial hair (i.e. beard and mustache hair) grow at a speed of half an inch per month.

Below is a pretty cool slicked back undershave hairstyle. The undershave is being used mostly for man buns but some men will go further and simply undershave their head and wear other hairstyles that don’t require putting the hair into a bun. As you can see in the example below, a great men’s hairstyle that suits the undershave is the slicked back hairstyle.

An image of a hipster with a slicked back undershave haircut and a rocker t-shirtWhat do you think of this slick back undershave? Do you have any questions about it? Feel free to post any comments below.

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