How the Man Bun Undercut Looks From Behind

See how a manbun undercut blends with this rear view picture

Having posted some pictures and articles on the man bun undercut already, I thought I’d make this post to show you how the actual bun looks from the rear view. If you have read our site, you will know that the undercut haircut buzzes through the sides and back of the head (so not just the sides!). Thus with a man bun undercut and when seen from behind, you will have the bun just over the undercut hair.

Just to add to this post and since the terms are sometimes confused, a topknot is another name for a man bun undercut; however, a topknot will usually have a smaller bun size than the manbun undercut. However, both men’s hairstyles have the same undercut haircut! In the rear picture below, the bun is of a medium size, so just slightly bigger than a typical top knot bun.

A rear picture of how the manbun undercut looks

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