How to Get Miley Cyrus Haircut – Undercut Guide

Learn below how to achieve Miley Cyrus undercut hairstyle

As a hairdresser and barber, I have both female and male clients, and one of the questions that the ladies will ask me is what’s the name of Miley Cyrus haircut. Well, of course, Miley Cyrus haircut is the undercut!

For some reason, Miley decided in 2014 to cut her long hair and buzz the sides and back of her head in an undercut. And, while we commend her for such an epic ladies’ haircut, we have no idea why someone would cut short her beautifully-long tresses over night, unless it was to get as much attention as possible from the media (which was very likely the reason for Miley Cyrus’ haircut).

How to get Miley Cyrus haircut

To get Miley Cyrus haircut, you will need to go to a hairdresser and ask for an undercut. That’s the actual haircut name, although you will have to specify the lengths of your undercut as well as the length on the top of your head, which is what we call in an undercut haircut the mop top hair.

An image of Miley Cyrus haircut as an undercut hairstyleThe length for the sides and back of your hair (i.e. the undercut haircut) should be a number 4 hair clipper length. If your hairdresser doesn’t have a number 4, then simply ask him to get a hairclipper length that is most close to a number four. If your hair is long, your hairdresser will very likely cut your hair with shears (i.e. scissors) first so as to clean up the area that will be buzzed. Once the hair is ready to be undercut-ed, the hair clipper will pass through your hair smoothly and your undercut will be ready in mere minutes!

Now, for the hair on the top of your head, you can pretty much choose any length that you want although the minimum length for the undercut in women is 4 inches. Any shorter than 4 inches and the undercut starts to lose its aesthetics. In the case of Miley Cyrus hair, her mop top (i.e. hair on the top of the head) is 6 inches long.

So there, if you want to get the same haircut of Miley Cyrus, then simply ask your hairdresser for an undercut and stipulate the specific lengths that you want for your undercut. If your hairdresser isn’t very versed in the undercut, then you can always bring a magazine with you or your phone with you with pictures of Miley Cyrus haircut. We hairdressers are a very-visual bunch, so we always appreciate having visual references when cutting women’s hair!

A photograph of Miley Cyrus new haircut after having long hair Anyway, what do you think of Miley Cyrus hairstyle? Do you dig it or would you dig it underground and cover it with cement so that it never sees the light of day again?

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