Long Hair Woman with Undercut Haircut Rocks The Style!

Ladies, long hair and an undercut haircut can mix very well!

While in the hair care industry some professionals do go as far as to label the undercut as a “dude’s haircut”, here at UndercutHairstyle.net we don’t agree with the widespread opinion of said professionals. Being myself a hairdresser and having been involved in this industry for a long-enough period, I have seen my share of bad haircuts and especially bad undercut haircuts, which coincidentally were done by hairdressers who would label the undercut for women as the biggest haircut mistake in the history of our profession (no joke, I’ve actually hear it like that by a well known hairdresser).

Thus, fellow readers, I’m certainly not going to go with what anyone (without a clue) says about the undercut, nor should you go with what they say either. In fact, our goal with this site is to bring you the undercut hairstyle in all its glory and help you to get an epic undercut whether you’re a guy or a girl. All you need to do is to go through our women’s undercut articles to see how pointless it is to limit such a haircut to men only and how ladies can indeed rock an undercut!

Long hair with an undercut?

Traditionally, women have grown their hair long all across the scalp. Anything longer than shoulder length is considered a long length and, up to a couple of years ago, no women would have dared to literally buzz any given part of her long mane. Well, I should mention (in the interest of fashion history) that such long hair buzz cuts were a bit of a trend in the 1980s with the rock and roll subculture, but said hairstyle look never took off as a mainstream style trend. Nowadays, however, it definitively is a different story.

I usually know when a hairstyle or haircut is going to become mainstream by the amount of requests of a particular hairstyle or haircut that we get daily at our hair salon. A hairstyle that is suddenly being requested by more than 10 customers a day is surely a hairstyle that is about to go mainstream, and the long hair undercut for women broke all records we’ve had in the past with popular haircuts.

A picture of Miley Cyrus with a side part undercut hairstyle biting her lip

In the whole of 2013, I think we cut 4 long hair undercuts; that’s for the whole year. On the other hand, in 2014 and at its popularity peak, we were getting 15 daily request for the long hair undercut. So we went from cutting no undercuts for long haired women to cutting anywhere from 10 to 15 undercuts for women who had hair longer than shoulder length and some up to their waist!

The long hair undercut is a new hairstyle trend for women

Fueled by mainstream pop music and celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, the undercut took off like we had never seen before (and hence why we started this website!). With short to medium length hair, well, an undercut isn’t so much of an issue as the buzzed undercut hair grows back fast. But, when your hair measures a whooping 30 inches and you want an undercut… well, let’s say that the undercut hair is going to take a good couple of years to catch up to the rest of the hair (if it ever does as you will need a good amount of trims to even out the hair length differences!).

The long hair undercut is a new hairstyle trend for ladies. It’s a risky haircut, dangerous and it exudes a carefree attitude while at the same time shows a “middle finger” to mainstream society. Incidentally, as the hairstyle becomes more and more popular, the hairstyle becomes fully mainstream, but, if you’re one of those women who isn’t into wearing the same hairstyles that all your friends do, then you’re still in time to jump into the trend-setting wagon!

We have covered the long undercut for women in the past and we will continue to cover it in the future. As a matter of fact, we will continue to cover the undercut as a whole: for short manes, medium-length manes or long manes and whether you want a Pink inspired undercut or you want a Cristiano Ronaldo undercut style. It’s all about inspiring you girls (and guys) out there seeking a chic but customizable haircut, and the undercut is like no other haircut.

For now, however, I will leave you with these two cute pictures of Anne’s long hair undercut. She has been eager to show off her great undercut after she got it done on her gorgeous long blonde hair. What do you think of Anne’s undercut for her long blonde hair? And what do you think about the overall trend in itself?

Feel free to post you your opinion in the comments below or ask any hairstyle questions if you happen to have any. Oh, and if you too would like to show off your undercut, then tell us about it and you may get the chance to have it featured on our site! 🙂

A picture of a cool long hair undercut hairstyle for a blonde woman

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