Long Wavy Hair Woman with Undercut Haircut Picture

How the undercut looks on a woman with long wavy hair

We’re used to seeing the undercut hairstyle with short hair; female celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Alecia Beth Moore (aka Pink) have worn their short undercut hair and set women’s undercut hairstyle trends (albeit the trends have been somewhat short termed). After all, a short undercut is the least extreme version of the undercut haircut when it comes to women. Likewise, short to medium hair length in women has become socially acceptable, hence a short undercut is nowadays a popular hairstyle option for ladies and men alike. However, long hair with an undercut? That’s a different story.

While in men, it was DJ Skrillex who popularized the undercut hairstyle, women haven’t had a solid reference for the long undercut hairstyle. We’ve had ladies like Jada Pinkett Smith and Rihanna wear medium length undercut haircuts, but we’ve yet to have a female celebrity who sports her very long hair in an undercut. Men have had plenty of undercut men as references such as Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire or Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective David Loki in the 2013 movie Prisoners.

In any case, here’s the undercut with long hair. I’m talking “very” long hair, as in an undercut with waist length hair. It doesn’t look that bad; in fact, I think it looks great. However, I may be a bit biased on how the long undercut hairstyle look (don’t you think?). Regardless, the main concern for women worldwide with the long undercut hair style is that you have to buzz the sides or side of your head.

Considering that long hair takes some 4 to 6 years to grow from a buzz cut, that’s a lot of waiting to do for your long hair to even out if you choose to get an undercut haircut. Still, I know many of our female customers in our hair salon are tempted to go all out and buzz the sides of their hair in the name of the glorious undercut. However, as much as a soccer mom may want to get an undercut, it just won’t go down well with her fellow soccer moms and husbands.

What do you think of this picture of the long undercut hairstyle for women? The Asian lady in the picture has some beautiful layered long hair which then meets a very-short haircut on the side. Is this type of haircut a style that you would consider if you had waist-long hair?

An image of an Asian woman with long hair and an undercut hairstyle

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