Manbun Undercut: A New Mens Hairstyle Trend

How the man bun undercut took over the slicked back undercut

The man bun undercut hairstyle seems to be rage these days. Known as a hipster hairstyle, the manbun undercut has the hair on the top of the head long enough to be tied on the head. The hair is tied as a bun, which is nothing more than a choked ponytail with a double band.

A similar hairstyle to the man bun undercut is the slicked back undercut. With a slick back undercut, you keep the same length as with the man bun but you do not tie the hair; you simply slick it back. In fact, previous to the manbun as a hipster hairstyle was the slicked back undercut. At some point, hipster decided to start tying their slicked back hair, and thus the man bun undercut trend.

Another name for this hairstyle is the topknot hairstyle; the only difference between a topknot and a manbun is that the former usually has a smaller bun compared to the latter. However, both bun styles keep the short undercut look.

What do you think of this undercut man bun?

A picture of a cool man bun undercut hairstyle sported by a hipster

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