Platinum Blonde Girl with Side Part Undercut

Girl with platinum blonde hair rocks the undercut with side part!

The undercut is a great hairstyle for women and it’s picking up nicely when it comes to its trendiness. Proof of it is how ladies worldwide are getting creative with their undercut hairstyles. Just see the picture below!

The actual full hairstyle of the girl below is a side part undercut. The haircut for the undercut is a number 2 hair clipper length, while the length on the top of the head is 6 inches long. The part is achieved with some pomade and hair spray to keep the hair secured into the position of the part. This undercut hairstyle is easily achieved so long as you have enough hair length on the top of the head (and, of course, the hair products to style the undercut!).

Lastly, the girl’s hair below has been bleached in a blonde platinum color, which you can either do yourself or get it done at the hair salon (although it’s always best to get your first hair coloring done at the hair salon and then you do the rest of color re-touches).

What do y’all think of the undercut style of this girl?

A photograph of a woman with platinum blonde hair and a side part undercut hairstyle

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