Samurai Hairstyle with Undercut for Short Hair Men

Short hair men style your locks in a Samurai undercut!

It’s true that the topknot undercut is all the rage nowadays, but for those of you who don’t have enough hair length to tie your hair into a knot, you will always have the Samurai undercut hairstyle. The “knot” in the topknot undercut is a small bun, which means that you need double the bun’s length in hair length to be able to tie it properly. Or in other words, you need long hair to get a top knot undercut hairstyle.

What is the Samurai hairstyle?

The Samurai hairstyle has been known through the centuries as the Chonmage hairstyle. This hairstyle was worn by Samurai warriors who earned their privilege to actually be a Samurai; thus, wearing a Chonmage was a mark of honor and pride. In the Chonmage hairstyle of Samurai warriors, the hair was pulled back tight and tied into a short ponytail. Such a ponytail would only be one or two inches long, enough to keep the medium length hair of the warrior tied back so that it would not bother him when fighting.

A rare picture of a Japanese Samurai with a ponytail hair style similar to a topknot undercut hairstyle

Long hair was actually discouraged and pretty much forbidden for Samurai warriors. This was because too-long hair would be easy for the enemy to grab and use to their advantage (and for the warrior’s own disadvantage!). On the other hand, medium length hair was useful to insulate against the extremely cold temperatures of Japanese winters. So, to get the best of both worlds, Samurai men would grow their hair to about six inches in length, which allowed them enough length to obtain protection against cold temperatures while still being able to tie their hair into a short ponytail so that they could fight with no visual impediments.

An old black and white picture of Samurai warriors with the typical Samurai hairstyle for men

The Samurai undercut as an alternative to the topknot

Not everyone wants to grow their hair long to at least eight inches of length to be able to tie it back in a topknot or man bun hairstyle. Such length of hair can be quite a mess to take care of and to style, but plenty of dudes still want to tie their hair back. After all, the topknot undercut has been a trendy 2015 hairstyle for a reason and so was the manbun undercut in 2014. Thus, the Samurai undercut hairstyle is the perfect styling option for men with short to medium length hair!

As always, we welcome our readers’ hairstyle pictures as we believe that it’s with your pictures that we can help others and inspire them to get an epic undercut! This time, it’s our reader Sam from Los Angeles (United States) who has sent us four pictures of his Samurai undercut. You be the judge, but as a hairdresser, I can say that’s one epic Samurai undercut hairstyle!

A picture of a Japanese American male with a Samurai undercut hairstyle posing in the mirror

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