Short Man Bun Undercut as Top Knot Hairstyle

Want a short man bun undercut? Then rock a topknot style!

The top knot hairstyle is very similar to the man bun; in fact, the topknot is one of the variants of the man bun and the only real difference is that the top knot is usually the shortest of all man buns. Furthermore, the top knot haircut is an undercut, meaning that the length of the top knot comes from only the top of the head.

As you will recall from reading our previous post on the man bun undercut, the hair length range for the man bun is between 6 to 10 inches, and even longer hair can be styled into a man bun. For women with undercuts, the top knot is also a great hairstyle and is achieved with the same hair length range stated for men. Just be aware that the top knot hairstyle for women doesn’t look very conventional, but I doubt you’d care about that if you’re rocking an undercut anyway!

See below for an example of a top knot hairstyle. Classic undercut haircut with enough hair on the top to tie it into a mini bun. Since the top knot only requires 6 inches of hair length, it is commonly alternated with the slicked back undercut in both men and women.

A young man with a top knot undercut hairstyle

What do you think of this hairstyle trend for both women and men?

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