Topknot Undercut Hairstyle with Beard – Cool Example

Grow your beard and sport an epic top knot undercut!

One thing that I love about the undercut hairstyle is how it looks so good with a beard. The undercut with beard hairstyle is quite trendy as of 2015 thanks to the hipster population. Moreover, the undercut trend right now is to let the hair on the top grow a little so that one can tie his hair into a top knot, and thus the top knot undercut! Compared with the man bun undercut, the topknot undercut has a smaller bun, but other than that, a manbun and a topknot are the same and they are both complemented quite well by the undercut haircut.

If you want to grow a topknot undercut, all you will need is 6 inches of hair length on the top of the head. Get your undercut buzzed with a number 3 hair clipper length and allow one whole month to grow your beard without trimming it. After the month has passed, grab a beard trimmer or go to the barbershop and get your beard trimmed, mostly to even out the facial hair and not so much to actually remove length from the beard.

The result? An awesome top knot undercut with beard as sent by one of our readers below!

An image of a man with the top knot undercut hairstyle and a hipster beard

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